The Cathford Group Credit Inc.: 5 Tips when applying for a personal loan

We’ve all been there — wanting to fund that overseas vacation since forever but can’t seem to find the money for it. Here’s where a personal loan comes in handy. Taking a personal loan could be a good option since it does not require you to have any collateral (e.g. car, house, etc.) that can be lost in case you default. But precisely because of that, lenders will charge a higher interest rate as a sort of guarantee.

To guide you in applying for a personal loan, here are five basic tips from The Cathford Group Credit Inc.:

Know your credit report. A primary factor in determining if your loan would get approved is your credit score. All lenders would definitely consult your credit report when deciding if you’re worthy to borrow, and how much interest rate to charge you if so. It will benefit you to get an idea of your credit standing so you should request for your credit report and make sure it has accurate and complete information. This will prevent all kinds of hassles in the future and will also let you know just how much interest rate you can be eligible for.

Decide how much you need. Your chances of getting approved are higher if you apply for as little amount as possible (based on your income). For instance, if the amount you ask is significantly lower than your current income, your lender might be willing to make considerations even with a low credit score.

Decide how much you can pay. You should decide early on just how much you can afford as monthly payment once the loan goes through. When you’ve calculated this, ask your lender for a payment plan where you can return the money in as little time as possible using the monthly budget you’ve determined.

The Cathford Group Credit Inc. warns that you should be aware of repayment penalties that might be included in your deal. Some lenders could have this penalty fee for when a client pays off the loan early so make sure the loan you’re getting doesn’t have this.

Be honest. When a lender tells you they do not require papers as evidence of your actual income, there’s a big tendency for you to overreport. It is not only advisable to be honest in reporting your income, it is imperative. Claiming an income which you cannot support with valid documents is a sure-fire way to get your loan denied and has the potential to land you in jail. Always make sure you provide all the necessary documents, even when you think it won’t improve your chances of getting approved.

Don’t push your luck. Sometimes, people would apply for a personal loan that they’re aware they won’t get approved for — you know, just to try it. Aside from the fact that there’s a lot of effort involved betting on this wishful thinking, it can also make things difficult for you when you apply for a loan for real. See, every single time you apply for a loan, it gets included in your credit report. But things won’t get bad until an application gets rejected — your future lender will ask all kinds of questions regarding that and will make them see your credit standing in a bad light.

Cathford Group Credit Inc.: Prioritizing their Clients’ Needs is their Business

Cathford Group Credit Inc. prides itself of its successful run in the lending industry based on its efficient delivery of their clients’ actual needs and surpassing their expectations. Prioritizing the needs of their clients and delivering what they hope to attain from the company as well as in their investments is the goal of Cathford Group Credit Group Inc. For this reason, the company has chosen the heart of downtown Chicago as its base of operations in order to foster productive relationships, facilitate efficient solutions and allow open communications.

Cathford believes “the business of lending goes beyond providing loans” and shows it in their corporate culture. The company also relies on the truth of the maxim: “Knowledge is power”. The company, therefore, offers a wealth of tools and guidelines on how to establish credit, repay debts and retire with confidence and contentment.

Consider what some of their clients say about their company and service:

“Guys, you are wonderful. I love you! You are prompt, efficient and thorough and, most of all, fast! I salute you for being there for me when I needed you and for showing the true color of professionalism!

“I and my wife reside in a rundown country house with a leaking roof; so we had to raise money to repair it. So overjoyed that you helped us out. Thanks a lot.”

Many loan seekers indeed worry about their less-than-perfect credit standing. Cathford Group Credit Inc., however, looks at the bigger picture of an individual’s financial status — not only the credit score — in evaluating a loan application. This is for the purpose of making the loan application process convenient and more efficient.

The Cathford Group Credit Inc. provides easy and quick loan access through online application. The steps involved to qualify are as follows:

– Submit your application after which Cathford provides a prompt decision on your eligibility and how much you are qualified to borrow.

– Cathford asks you (applicant) to verify the amount of loan and to accept the loan agreement conditions.

– Upon approval of application, Cathford deposits the money right in your bank account usually by the following business day. In some cases, additional vital info via phone or email will be required prior to final approval of your application.

– You repay the loan consistently in small amortizations. Cathford also allows convenient automatic repayment arrangements to keep you up-to-date on your dues.

Sounds easy and convenient? It is! Not many people are aware that there are companies that provide such facilities, particularly in acquiring personal loans. Considering the common perception of most people with regards to banks and other lending institutions which require tons of documents, time and effort to approve a loan, Cathford’s system is a refreshing alternative.

This is what happens in any enterprise where the priority is the clients’ needs and not those of the company. Everyone wins!

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Valuable Tips from Cathford Credit Inc.: The Painless Way to Purchase a House

In the past, communal ownership was the rule and private property was inexistent. The land was not even owned by any person or family but by the unseen spirits. In essence, people believed that the land owned the people. Because we have lost this valuable concept and taken to ourselves the exclusive ownership, control and transfer of real estate, so much has changed and even resulted into adverse use of land, strained relationships and even so much violent conflict which continues today.

Today, our laws provide rights and limitations to such rights to ownership of property. We have come a long way to establishing a sense of order and equity as far as owning and using real estate property is concerned. Hence, every person dreams of owning a house of one’s own. That is true even for those who are born into wealthy families and who have already so many houses. Being able to claim and to say to oneself or to others that your name is attached to a property is a powerful thing in almost any context.

But owning a house is not as simple as buying phone or a bicycle. Aside from the price of the property, you have to consider costs for repairs, taxes, unpaid utility bills, perhaps, and so many other pertinent things.

Cathford Group Credit Inc. has several tips to provide home buyers, especially first-timers. Here they are:

1. Get the help of a professional realtor which is the first and most important step of all for it will save the buyer a lot of trouble and unnecessary expense.

2. Get a loan pre-approval by consulting with a Cathford Group Credit Inc. realtor who can refer you to a loan expert or a bank who will furnish you a pre-approval letter. Based on your qualifications, you can get a pre-approval letter which will provide the realtor a way of assessing your options.

3. Be open and honest with your realtor and lender as they will need accurate information regarding your capacity to purchase the property. Filling out forms about your net worth or credit is a vital part of closing the deal and maintaining a viable agreement free of trouble.

4. Ask questions so that you are clear about what you are getting into and what is expected of you. This is the sure way of preventing problems that may arise later on since you did not fully understand or clarify some issues.

5. Let the realtor do the negotiations for you in order to prevent your emotions from encumbering the process. The realtor is there to work for your benefit by getting the best price for the property. Unless you know the job, it is better off letting experts do it.

6. Be aware of the time frame needed in closing the deal since a property may not be in the market for long. Make all communications with your loan adviser, your realtor and the seller as promptly as you could. When deciding whether to buy or not, make the decision within the period given to you or you might lose the opportunity to own the house.

Remember that all the pain and trouble of going through all these steps will be all worth the pleasant and triumphant feeling of entering your new property. Every climb up a mountain always gives that exhilarating experience; so, endure the trouble of reaching that final moment of success.

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The Cathford Group Credit Inc Tokyo Loan Review Tips: BoJ may extend deadline, expand loan schemes next week

TOKYO: The Bank of Japan may next week decide to expand two loan schemes aimed at encouraging commercial banks to lend more and extend them beyond their current March expiry date, sources familiar with the central bank’s thinking said.

Many BoJ officials feel that the programmes ought to be continued beyond March. But there is no consensus yet on details such as how long they should be extended for or by how much they should be increased, the sources said on condition of anonymity.

If the nine board members can reach agreement, the BOJ may announce a decision next week, the sources said.

If preparations take more time, the decision may be delayed until next month, they added.

“There seems to be decent demand among banks for the loans and if so, there is no point ending the programmes” when they expire in March, one of the sources said. Under its “quantitative and qualitative easing” programme, or QQE, the BoJ is buying government bonds and risky assets aggressively in a bid to double base money in the economy and achieve its 2 percent inflation target.

Aside from asset purchases, the BoJ has several loan programmes including one that aims to encourage banks to lend more to industries with growth potential.

Another scheme, introduced in 2012, offers cheap funds to banks that boost lending in general.

Both schemes offer banks loans for up to four years at a 0.1 percent interest rate and were expanded in February last year.

The balance of loans extended under the programmes exceeded 20 trillion yen ($171 billion) last year and reached nearly 25 trillion yen as of Jan. 10.

With the BoJ’s massive bond purchases nudging yields into negative territory and crowding out investors, many BoJ officials are reluctant to expand asset purchases under QQE any time soon.

But the central bank is set to cut its consumer inflation forecasts at next week’s rate review due to slumping oil prices and may come under pressure for not focusing more on the slowdown in inflation, some analysts say.

While expanding the loan schemes by definition won’t be tantamount to monetary easing, it will help the BoJ fend off such criticism, said Izuru Kato, chief economist at Totan Research.

“The BoJ doesn’t have many policy tools left so it may use the loan schemes to appear as if it’s doing something to address the slowdown in inflation,” he said.

The Cathford Group Credit Inc. Tokyo Loan Review Tips Japan hints at resuming yen loans

ISLAMABAD: The positive economic reviews in the International Monetary Fund’s loan programme for Pakistan were encouraging for Japan to resume its yen loans, said Japanese Minister of State Katsunobu Kato on Thursday.

During a meeting with Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in Tokyo, the state minister assured Pakistan that Japan would continue to provide assistance for the settlement of internally displaced persons (IDPs), eradication of polio, flood mitigation and the fight against terrorism.

“We have pledged to work with and support Pakistan in the areas of economy, security, democracy and rule of law,” he said while appreciating the efforts put in by Pakistan for the development of economy and improvement of security. Earlier, speaking at a luncheon hosted by Japan Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship League President Seishiro Eto and former Japanese foreign minister Koichiro Gemba, Dar invited Japanese companies to take full benefit of the Special Economic Zone being established for them in Sindh.

He also discussed enhancement of trade volume between the two countries during a meeting with Japan External Trade Organisation Chairman Hiroyuki Ishiguro.

“Prospects of investment in Pakistan are bright due to the government’s effective policies. Infrastructure development and terrorism pose major challenges but necessary steps have been taken to address them,” he said.

Dar also spoke about the expanding halal food industry and urged Japanese investors to explore the sector in Pakistan. Globally, the halal food market is estimated at $3 trillion.

“This sector in Pakistan is a gateway to 470 million Muslims and holds great potential for the global halal Industry,” he said. “It is the right time to encourage international alliances by facilitating entrepreneurs and highlighting Pakistan as an emerging market for halal products and services.”

Dar said with the help of Japanese technology and investment and Pakistan’s resources, joint ventures could be established for producing goods with Pakistan’s halal certifications. Industries could be set up anywhere in the country, though proximity to the transport hubs, especially in designated areas such as the Japanese Special Economic Zone, would be beneficial.

Replying to a question, the minister said the Pak-China Economic Corridor, while benefitting the entire region including central Asian states, India and Afghanistan, would also help Japan in accessing Gulf nations.